Testing Equipment

For testing services, Dr. Haun’s Fitness Lab utilizes several scientific research-validated techniques to provide critical insight into an individual’s physiology and body composition. This information can be used to precisely aim diet and training efforts to improve health, performance, and physique.

The Bodystat 1500 delivers measurement results within seconds.

It is a non-invasive device, which measures the impedance value of the body providing quick and effective analysis of body composition. Whole body analysis, rather than partial body analysis of arms or legs only, is measured for greater accuracy.

Dr. Haun’s Fitness Lab is able to give an assessment of a patient’s health and whether nutritional therapy or a wellness program is working in the correct way.

All Measurements

  • Body Fat % and Fat Weight*
  • Lean Mass % and Body Lean Mass *
  • Total Weight
  • Body Water % and Body Water*
  • Plus Normal Levels
  • Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR)*
  • BMR/Body Weight
  • Average Daily Calorie Requirement*
  • Body Mass Index – Plus Normal Range
  • Impedance Values at 50kHz

BodyMetrix™ System

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BodyMetrix System includes hand-held ultrasound probe, ultrasound gel, circumference measuring tape and BodyViewProFit software.

The BodyMetrix System offers the same professional-grade ultrasound technology used by elite athletes and trainers.

This high tech, cutting edge device allows Dr. Haun’s Fitness Lab to make assessments quickly, easily, and accurately.

The BodyMetrixSystem does all this without embarrassing or painful pinching.

Assessments take only minutes.

BodyMetrix System Applications

    • Accurately measure body composition, track fat thickness. Track circumference, estimate BMR, and total energy expenditure.
    • Accurately measure body composition, shift focus away from the scale. Scans to show fat and muscle.
    • Cross-sectional scans can visualize architectural changes in muscle and fat.
    • Measure fat layers to track change. Measure layer symmetry.

In just 10-15 minutes, PNOE offers Dr. Haun’s Fitness Lab’s clients a view of their metabolic, heart, lung, and cellular fitness.

In conjunction with cutting-edge software, metabolic tests can provide an analysis of heart, lung, and neuromuscular function in real-time.

Use PNOE to:

  • Spot the limiting factors in a client’s performance.
  • Help clients develop a mental link between their physical feelings and the actual limiting factor(s) at play.
  • Perform guided sessions and track how their organs perform under different exercise conditions.
  • Conduct a V02Max and RMR test
  • By performing the RMR test, clients can have an accurate assessment of how many calories per day are expended at rest, and to what extent the metabolism of carbohydrates and fat contribute to this expenditure. This information can be used to inform precise nutrition targets.

Additional Testing

Additional Testing & Consulting Available

In collaboration with multiple third parties, Dr. Haun’s Fitness Lab also offers consulting on genetic, microbiome, and blood testing results.

  • Genetic- Genetic testing can be used to understand an individual’s unique genetic variation. This information can be used to inform exercise and nutrition strategies to improve outcomes on the individual level.
  • Microbiome- Microbiome testing can be used to better understand an individual’s gut microbiome and which strategies may be or less appropriate to improve outcomes.
  • Blood- Bloodwork can provide insight into an individual’s physiology. Several options exist with a variety of markers and the appropriate test depends on the scenario. An analysis of hormones, cells, proteins, and nutrients in the blood can inform exercise and nutrition strategies with the intent of optimizing individual outcomes in conjunction with other tests.