Educate the Client

After completing testing, Dr. Cody Haun sits down with the client privately to discuss the results and answer any questions the client may have. This is intended to empower the client with knowledge that can be used to inform training and nutrition strategies. For comprehensive coaching clients, ongoing regular communication and information exchange aims to educate and empower clients to make informed decisions in their training and nutrition endeavors. In combination with regular testing, this holds both parties accountable and cultivates a data-based approach that can better guide the training process by making it more objective and data-driven.

Educate the Public

Seminars – Online Lectures – Teaching Graduate Classes Online 

Dr. Cody Haun produces regular educational content made available to the public, with the intent to help more people improve their lives through the application of scientific findings and knowledge pertaining to exercise, health, and nutrition. A portion of proceeds supports this mission, and you can be confident that money spent on testing or coaching services with Dr. Haun’s Fitness Lab supports this initiative.


See Research page for examples of publications.


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