Educate the Client

Through a combination of tests completed in the lab and outside of the lab, Dr. Haun aims to equip personal clients with the knowledge and resources necessary for success.

Once data is collected and analyzed, Dr. Haun meets personally with a client to answer questions the client may have and clarify the results to equip each client with knowledge and resources for success.

This is intended to empower the client with knowledge that can be used to inform their personal exercise, nutrition, and lifestyle strategies.

Dr. Haun is passionate about helping each individual appropriately apply science to practice.

Regular testing and consultation holds both parties accountable and cultivates a data-based approach that can better guide the process of achieving health, physique, and performance goals.

Educate the Public

Dr. Haun currently publishes monthly scientific articles in the Weightology Research Review.

This publication focuses on the “science of body metamorphosis”.

In addition to this, Dr. Haun shares educational content through his email newsletter (sign-up for free below), and is actively collaborating with researchers across the globe on scientific research.


See Research page for examples of publications.


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